RoomBoss PMS system updates

09 Aug: [PMS] Record Adults, Children and Infants on Bookings

PMS users can now record the number of adults, children and infants on bookings made via the accommodation booking engine. Simply define the age ranges of each guest type, then set the quantities allowed for each room type. Once configured, new guests will be able to select the number of adults, children and infants staying from the applicable options, with the system automatically recording the breakdown when a booking is made.

One of the peaks of Yatsugatake

09 Aug: “YATSUGATAKE” A New Location Available in the System

Yatsugatake is located across Nagano and Yamanashi prefectures in Japan. Yatsugatake, which means “eight peaks” in Japanese, is a volcanic chain which stretches across 25 km from north to south with the peaks of 2,500m or higher above sea level. The expansive area has long fascinated Japanese tourists and alpinists as both an incredible highland hot spring resort, as well as a mountaineering and rock climbing mecca. Still a hidden gem in the international market, Yatsugatake is close to Nozawa Onsen which is popular among the international travelers, with its cold but sunny winter weather allowing the resorts to create perfectly groomed ski slopes ideal for ski lessons, and offering many attractive nearby destinations where you can delve into the history of Japan, such as Suwa Taisha Shrine.

Case Study of Flywire x AYA Niseko

07 Aug: Flywire shared the case study of AYA Niseko, our PMS + TRUST user

Flywire, an online payment system popular among the RoomBoss users, shared a case study with AYA Niseko. Aya Niseko is a luxury ski-in ski-out hotel located at the heart of Hirafu area in Niseko, and the 90% of its guests during the winter seasons are from overseas. Payments from international guests can often result in high fees for both the resort and the guests. Flywire was a perfect solution for AYA Niseko which was looking for a payment option that would reduce transaction costs while providing a simple and secure payment experience for their guests. RoomBoss is also mentioned in the article as AYA Niseko’s PMS and online booking engine provider in the article. Please visit Flywire case study HERE to learn more.

RoomBoss's new accommodation booking filter

31 Jul: [PMS] Extended Filters on Accommodation Booking Engine

Our upgraded filters allow users of your accommodation booking engine to refine their search results by a variety of criteria, including price per person / stay, number of bedrooms, and the types of meals included. Filters can be used in real-time to narrow-down property options, and to display only matching room types and rate plans; empowering prospective guests to effortlessly find stays that meet their needs.

system updates card green

24 Jul: [TRUST] New Flexibility in Managing Housekeeping Costs + More Powerful Options for Building Charge Models based on Guest Age Category

Introducing an exciting addition to our Trust Accounting module that empowers you to exercise greater control over housekeeping charges. Now you have the flexibility to set specific housekeeping charges for each night of the stay directly within the system. This means you can automatically charge fees, for example for guest consumable items, to a designated account. A more tailored and efficient method for your team to manage housekeeping costs. In addition, we developed a feature to model trust accounting charges, such as daily breakfast revenues to pass to management, based on the age category of guests. Previously charges were based on the number of guests, whereas now you can specify different charges for adults, children and infants.

system updates

20 Jun: [TRUST] Additional Column in Payment Excel to Check the Payment Status

We have implemented an exciting update in the Payment Report Excel download for our TRUST accounting module. We have now included an additional column that indicates whether the payment’s package has been successfully transferred to TRUST. This enhancement aims to provide greater transparency and clarity regarding the status of payments within the TRUST accounting system. We hope this improvement will streamline your workflow and enhance your overall experience with our platform.

system updates card red

20 Jun: [PMS] Allocation Table UI/UX Improvements

We’ve upgraded view options that make toggling the view format of the Allocation Table easier. With just a click switch between the booking ID view and guest name view. Each booking will be highlighted with distinctive colors to suit your guest segments. This intuitive feature ensures that you can navigate and organize your bookings more efficiently. 

Niseko Classic 2023

17 Jun: Niseko Classic 2023

The 2023 Niseko Classic has come to a close after another inspiring cycling spectacle—and in its wake of sweat, tears, and triumph, we look ahead to next year and eagerly anticipate an even stronger turnout. The Niseko Classic has long since cemented its place as a premier cycling event in Japan, with 2023 marking its 10th year of attracting thrill-seekers, enthusiasts, and professionals from around the world, all eager to test their mettle against the challenging routes while indulging in the region’s breathtaking beauty. For us, being a sponsor of this extraordinary event not only promotes collaboration locally and further afield, but also exemplifies our commitment to fostering a vibrant, season-spanning sporting community in Niseko. We are genuinely thrilled to be a part of this journey and cannot wait to welcome cyclists (old and new) next year!

a man holding a montgolfier

14 Jun: Welcoming Our New Support Lead, Ali

While being an avid outdoor enthusiast and a passionate photographer who captures the beauty of the world through his lens, Ali also cherishes all the time he can with his baby son. Since he joined RoomBoss last month, we’ve been thrilled to have such a multi-talented and caring individual on the team. Ali brings a logical-mind and caring nature, helping us to provide top-notch support to each and every one of our users. Welcome aboard, Ali!