02 Sep: System Updates

Added the Barcode merge-tag to Rich Messages, allowing you to send scannable Booking IDs to customers in your automated-emails. Added a range of new fields to the Custom Excel Report Download, including External System ID, Hold status, and Room Allocation.


26 Aug: System Updates

Improvements to our integration with Stripe including improved support for image and text branding on the payment page. Rates management updates including the ability to directly sync rate plans into Airbnb.

Hokkaido Marathon 2018

26 Aug: Welcoming New Project Manager, Alix

We’re excited to have Alix Fachin joining the team this month. Alix brings a wealth of knowledge across IT, travel and finance sectors with experience spanning Japan, North America and Europe. He is a runner of marathons and savors fine pastries. Alix will help us with operations, project management and development. Welcome Alix!

Hirafu Matsuri 2022

21 Aug: Julian on stage at Hirafu Festival 2022

We’re still not sure if we’re proud or embarrassed, but our managing director Julian was on stage as part of a rock band performing at the Niseko Hirafu Festival on August 20th. One thing we can say for sure is that it was loud!


19 Aug: System Updates

A variety of visual updates were made to our Accommodation Booking Engine, including: Extended hotel media and product descriptions on the checkout page, helping you to better inform and convert prospective guests. Improvements to the responsive accommodation gallery user experience, making it easier to browse through hotel and room photographs on mobile devices.


12 Aug: System Updates

Upgraded our connection with Square to use their latest API for taking online payments. Improvements and bug fixes to our integration with Neppan channel manager. Added new fields to our automated sync with Freshsales CRM. Added a new feature to more easily record check-in and check-out times for guests, including the ability to report on times to help determine patterns and plan front desk rosters. Added discount code functionality to our new POS system, making it easier to quickly apply pre-determined pricing changes to customer bookings.

MLIT Car Transportation Project 2022

26 Jul: RoomBoss Selected for MLIT’s Grant Project to Improve the Efficiency of Car Transportation

An exciting new project; RoomBoss will be developing a system for Hokkaido District Transport Bureau’s Rental Car Transportation DX project. With the goals of improving the efficiency and the average loading-rate of carrier cars and reducing vehicle transportation costs, our new system will help to increase the number of rental car users at each regional airport and create more opportunities for the travellers to visit wider areas of Hokkaido. This initial phase will start from November 2022 through March 2023. Hokkaido District Transport Bureau press release: