E-Commerce System (ECS)

A powerful solution for selling goods and services online.
Flexible sales solutions for providers of goods and services. Manage your own online store, sell on affiliate sites, and integrate offerings from 3rd-party suppliers.
Our ECS provides your team with multilingual, time-saving tools to assist with sales and post-sale processes.
Website Integration
Add fully-customisable, mobile-friendly sales portals to your website.
Auto Emailing
Automate customer communications using a wide range of event triggers.
Customer Portal
Allow customers to view their bookings online, make payments, and download PDF invoices and receipts.
B2B Portal
Offer travel agents and corporate partners an easy way to purchase your products and services online.
Cloud Based
RoomBoss is a web application, so setup is fast and there is no need to install software. Benefit from significant time and cost savings by minimising administrative overheads, and enjoy easy access to your system — wherever and whenever you need to.
Streamline every aspect of day-to-day operations — from managing inventory to reporting on sales.
Broad Inventory Support
Loading inventory is quick and easy and can be catered to a variety of product types.
Price Adjustments
Implement specials and promotions for specific products, periods and conditions.
Task Management
Quickly create tasks with category, due date and time, optional linked booking, and the user responsible.
Comprehensive Reporting
Easily monitor sales, revenue and much more.
Seamless Customer Experience
Discover how Brittany & Bruce booked in-resort products & services with Happy Valley Adventure Center from website first contact through to post check-out
Window Shopping

With just a couple of months until their ski getaway, Bruce browses through services & rental options at Happy Valley Adventure Center.

He finds their mobile-friendly and multi-lingual web store offering a variety of different products, including ski tours, gear rental and more.

Bruce is excited to book for his trip but wants to show his travel companion first, and shares his results URL with Brittany.

Customer preference data is captured while browsing;

September 1: 2 Customers, Hong Kong based, Stay Dec 22-27, 5 days continuous Gear Rental & Lift Passes, Premium.

Valuable trend information to assist Happy Valley Adventure Center with sales and marketing strategy.

01 SEP
Purchase Confirmed!

The web shop was easy to navigate so Bruce quickly found what they needed.

Brittany clicks the results URL he sent her, and is given a variety of payment options at checkout — the process is fast, and Brittany books and pays their deposit on the spot.

A short time later, Brittany receives an automated email thanking her for booking 5 days of ski rental and lift passes.

RoomBoss adds fully-customisable, mobile-friendly sales portals to your website.

Provide instant book and pay functionality to sell stock fast, or allow customers to pay a deposit now and full payment later.

03 SEP
Final Payment

Brittany receives an automated email reminding her that full payment is due soon.

After clicking the URL and entering her details, Brittany receives another email thanking her for making payment, beautifully branded and with a customised message.

Automated personalised communications help save time and reduce the chance of manual errors or omissions.

17 SEP
Information & Upsell

Bruce & Brittany have been counting down the days until their journey.

Now it’s just 30 days away, they receive a message recommending additional services & tours that they might be interested in booking prior to their trip.

She clicks a link in the email and after some eager discussion with Bruce, they also book a guided ski tour for their first day on the mountain.

Effortlessly enhance the flow of information to customers. Help to ensure their booking is optimally organised ahead of arrival.

Make use of the pre-arrival window to upsell toward maximising revenue.

22 NOV
Welcome To Happy Valley!

Once they arrive at their accommodation, Bruce checks their Happy Valley Adventure Center itinerary via his mobile phone.

They take note of their rental & lift pass pickup details before making their way to Happy Valley, eagerly chatting about their upcoming guided ski tour.additional info about their upcoming tour.

Help travellers to feel in control of their journey with access to their own mobile-friendly online customer portal.

Package additional internal or 3rd-party products into customer’s bookings, allowing them to view vital pickup or meeting point information all in one place.

21 DEC
Thank you & Feedback

Brittany and Bruce receive an automated personalised email to thank them for choosing Happy Valley Adventure Center.

They are invited to give feedback about their tours and services. Brittany leaves a positive review for other potential customers, and provides a separate note for management with suggestions for available lift pass options.

Make sure your customers know that you appreciate their business, and are striving to exceed their expectations.

Receive targeted feedback that isn't influenced by the effects of public forum reviews.

28 DEC
Come Back Soon!

Brittany and Bruce receive a thoughtfully crafted email thanking them for their custom during December last year, letting them know about new product options and day trips.

The timing is perfect - Brittany and Bruce booked around this time last year and were just thinking of their next trip.

Make use of previous customer booking patterns to target your sales processes.

15 AUG
Android Extended
View booking information via an automatically-synchronising Android app. Benefit from uninterrupted access to operational information whether you’re connected to the internet or offline.
A Connected Solution
We integrate with a variety of third party services to enhance overall functionality.
Google AdWords
Google Analytics
Rentals United
Rentals United - https://rentalsunited.com/
RoomBoss ECS are highly customisable — allow us to setup a trial account that meets your needs.