Trust Accounting System (TAS)

Comprehensive Trust Accounting with focus on automation.
Efficiently meeting the accounting needs of teams who manage holiday letting properties on behalf of property owners. Use fully integrated with RoomBoss PMS or in conjunction with a third party PMS.
Accurate Modeling
Our system is highly configurable, allowing you to incorporate and automate your accounting processes. We provide assistance during setup, modelling your contracts and accounting structures within the system.
Policy Modeling
Include your chart of accounts, contracts with property owners, and charge model.
Encapsulate Corporate Knowledge
Remove the reliance on team members to have deep accounting knowledge to complete accounting tasks.
Standardise Procedures
Promote consistency and reduce error by ensuring a standardised procedure for accounting.
Fully Integrated
Leverage data present within the PMS to more efficiently accomplish trust accounting tasks.
Cloud Based
RoomBoss is a web application, so setup is fast and there is no need to install software. Benefit from significant time and cost savings by minimising administrative overheads, and enjoy easy access to your system — wherever and whenever you need to.
Streamlined Processes
Present your team with straightforward, predefined daily and monthly tasks, while RoomBoss handles the complexities of trust accounting in the background.
Improve Visibilty
Enjoy greater visibility over the flow of monies.
Maximise Clarity
Have an immutable record of every transaction between guests, owners, management and suppliers.
Optimise Efficiency
Save time by automating the distribution of income and costs.
Online Reporting
Provide owners with access to reports via a mobile friendly online portal.
We can provide a customised solution to meet your requirements — please contact us for more information.