SKIDATA Integrated Webshop

Promote online sales with an attractive, feature-rich webshop.
Engage online customers with a responsive SKIDATA integrated B2C webshop, reduce staff/time cost with automated ticket issuing and B2B agent sales, leverage more customer information and enhance marketing.
B2C Webshop
Designed for resorts that make use of SKIDATA lift access—encourage online ticket sales with a custom-branded, mobile-friendly & multi-lingual online webshop—with a wide range of sales & operational benefits.
Offer purchase of lift tickets, rental equipment, ski lessons (and optionally other services) on your website.
Complete the entire sales process online, reducing ticket booth queues & increasing customer satisfaction.
We connect to a number of payment gateways including Square, Stripe, PayPal, Veritrans, Checkout and Paygent.
Skidata® Integrated
Webshop purchases are automatically transferred into SKIDATA. Optionally use smart vending machines for ticket pickup, and allow customers to instantly recharge online.
Automated Emails
Improve the customer experience with automated personalised emails. Automatically send a thank you email after the customer makes a booking, including a link to the Customer Portal and a QR code to easily redeem lift tickets.
Customer Portal
Provide customers with an online portal, allowing them to view their booking and other important information, make payments, and download PDF invoices and receipts.
Encourage Growth
Extend sales and operational capacity via greater use of technology and data. Streamline and automate B2C and B2B purchase processes. Gain greater clarity and insight as more customers are associated with the tickets they purchase.
B2B Sales
Offer resort services to travel agents, accommodation suppliers, and other corporate partners via our B2B portal.
B2B Portal
Allow corporate partners to book services online via their own portal.
Agent Network
Sell to 100+ international and domestic ski agents who already use RoomBoss.
Reduce Overheads
Allowing corporate travel consultants to enter details and manage their own bookings.
Streamline Payments
Invoice with ease, either on a booking-by-booking basis or in bulk.
Resort Integration
Write customer information directly to resort systems and/or store information on the ticket at the time of B2C/B2B ticket purchase. Leverage ticket-based customer information to assist with operations.
Advanced Reporting
Know where your customers and coming from, their ticket preferences, plus lift usage and resort visitation patterns. Monitor trends over time, predict and plan with additional information via integrated guest feedback.

Enhanced Sales & Marketing
RoomBoss integrates with technology by Google, Facebook, MailChimp and other platforms, allowing sophisticated advertising and marketing campaigns, including tracking ROI on advertising spend.
Google AdWords
Google Analytics
There are many benefits to adopting a SKIDATA-integrated ticketing system — please contact us for more information.