Our Story

RoomBoss (RB) continuously enhances our solutions with a focus on automation and efficiency.

Founded within Japan’s Niseko ski resort in 2006, RB began as a solution for hostels, B&Bs, and a growing number of local vacation rental properties.

Our initial goal was to develop an easy-to-use, multilingual solution that focused on automation. It also needed to meet the needs of resort-based operators, where guests often want to package activities with their accommodation booking.

With our offices located within resorts we regularly meet with local hotels and resort service providers. We constantly receive feedback on system requirements, often after bumping into clients at local cafés.

We consulted with ski schools, equipment rental shops, bus companies, and various other resort service providers to find out how best to sell their services online. With this information we developed a flexible e-commerce solution to suit the needs of a variety of businesses.

Our platform is ground breaking; a company using RB can sell both their own services and the services of other companies using RB. We help establish efficient, online resort marketplaces for both B2C and B2B sales.

We now also provide a powerful management system for snowsports schools, as well as a highly customisable trust accounting solution for property managers. Across all systems we strive to automate and thereby free up time for our clients.

RB includes A.I. and our team has authored patents in the field.

RoomBoss has offices in Niseko, Hakuba, and Shimane. Our Niseko and Hakuba offices allow us to readily interact with a broad range of resort businesses, from international name brands, through to local resort and independent operators. We are privileged to be able to access a broad range of perspectives, and to allow this to drive our system development.

Forgiving the phrasing, we subscribe to the eating your own dog food principle. Our team uses RB systems to manage bookings of 20,000+ items each year, spanning accommodation through to lift tickets. This helps us to appreciate how our systems work in the field; giving greater insight to our system engineers and allowing our support team to provide RB users with assistance based on hand on experience.

In addition to our system solutions, RoomBoss can also provide a variety of data and tourism industry related services for your business.