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Supporting Niseko Area Mountain Bike Association

Supporting Niseko Area Mountain Bike Association

The mission of Niseko Area Mountain Bike Association (NAMBA) is to grow and unify the Niseko area mountain bike community towards the common goals of creating, enhancing, maintaining, and protecting great places to ride in Niseko and the surrounding area.

NAMBA is building sustainable trails that are accessible for all levels and ages to enjoy, such as the free and public Twin Peaks Bike Park. It advocates for and encourages all forms of mountain biking within the community through various events, races, group rides, and more, ensuring everyone can participate and have fun.

RoomBoss is proud to support the local mountain biking community and help boost Niseko area’s green season tourism through NAMBA.

Niseko Area Mountain Bike Association (NAMBA):


Hirafu Festival 2024

Hirafu Festival 2024

From August 23 to August 24, the Hirafu Festival—a beloved summer tradition in Niseko—returns. We at RoomBoss are thrilled to sponsor this vibrant event, bringing together locals and visitors for a weekend of fun and festivity.

The festival will feature popular restaurants from the Niseko area, setting up stalls to offer delicious local cuisine. Attendees can look forward to a variety of events that cater to all ages. Highlights include:

  • Mochi Throwing: Participate in this traditional activity with a chance to win prizes.
  • Shooting Games (Shateki): Test your aim in these authentic shooting games that captivate adults and children alike.
  • Chanbara Battles: Engage in exciting sword-fighting duels.

Additionally, enjoy live music and performances by talented local artists throughout the event. (Keep an eye out—you might even spot some RoomBoss team members joining in the fun!)

No festival would be complete without a spectacular finale. The Hirafu Festival will conclude with a powerful Yotei Taiko drum performance and a breathtaking fireworks display, lighting up the night sky in celebration.

RoomBoss is honored to support this cherished local event, and we can’t wait to experience the joy and excitement of the Hirafu Festival with everyone.

New User: Ikenotaira, Shirakaba Resort

New User: Ikenotaira, Shirakaba Resort

Serenely situated at an altitude of over 1,400 meters, Shirakaba Resort boasts a stunning location next to the idyllic Lake Shirakaba in Nagano, Japan.

This picturesque resort offers a variety of attractions and activities for every season, including the Ikenotaira amusement park, “Family Land.”

As one of RoomBoss’s latest users, Ikenotaira enhances their operational efficiency using the RB ECS and point-of-sale (POS) systems, which help to streamline sales and ticket collection through easy online and in-person purchasing processes, and robust multi-location ticket printer integration.

We’re extremely proud to be supporting Shirakaba Resort, and look foward to working closely with the Ikenotaira team long into the future!

Niseko Classic 2024

Niseko Classic 2024

Last week’s Niseko Classic 2024 marked the 11th event of its name—and the 9th year since it became an official UCI Gran Fondo World Series qualifier event.

This year’s 150km and 80km flagship racers had to show even more resilience and technical skill in their battle against gravity and the elements; tackling the Classic’s winding climbs, speedy descents and historically rare bouts of inclement weather, amidst another incredible turnout for Niseko’s premier summer sporting event.

RoomBoss is once again proud to have been a sponsor of the Niseko Classic, which proved to be another resounding success this year!

Great passion and determination was demonstrated by all involved, with ever-impressive riders, a fantastic spectator showing, and incredible local support—all tied together by an eclectic range of events, stalls and eateries for spectators and competitors alike to enjoy throughout the weekend.


Welcoming Client Success Specialist, Shun!

Welcoming Client Success Specialist, Shun!

We’re excited to extend a big RoomBoss welcome to Shun, the latest member of our growing Client Success squad.

Prior to joining the RoomBoss team, Shun leveraged his business and communications skills at Amazon Web Services Japan, playing a role at the world’s leading cloud service provider.

During his free time, Shun has honed his communication and creative problem-solving skills to perfection as a veteran Dungeon Master, and can often be found crafting new questlines for his three-year long ongoing Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

His creativity and adaptability go beyond the dice rolls, allowing him to provide seamless insight and front-line support—no matter what our users encounter.

With such a diverse background and unique approach to looking at problems, we can’t wait to see what else you’ll bring to the table—welcome to the team, Shun!

[PMS] Flywire Widget Payments Now Available

[PMS] Flywire Widget Payments Now Available

Flywire is now supported by RoomBoss Widget Payments, making it quick & easy for guests to make international payments—without ever leaving the booking engine.

Once enabled and a booking is made, Book and Pay guests are immediately presented with a “Pay Now” button, allowing them to choose from a variety of payment methods (including card and bank-transfer) via the Flywire checkout screen.

As with all Flywire payments, Card Tokenisation is also supported, allowing you to securely authorise payment methods for future use when the Save Customer & Card setting is enabled.

Widget Payments are available for Accommodation Booking Engines using Flywire and Stripe—contact us at for more information, or for assistance getting started.

[PMS] Rate Restrictions Override Role

[PMS] Rate Restrictions Override Role

It is now possible for the account Admin User and users who have been granted the new Rate Restrictions Override role to select any rate plan on a booking—even when restrictions such as minimum days to check-in are not met.

For these users, the system will now show all rate plans, regardless of restrictions, when:

  • Selecting rate plans when making or editing bookings
  • Viewing rate plans on the Search & Quote page
  • Viewing rate plans on the Price Calculator page

To grant users this role, navigate to the Users page, edit the user you wish to update, and add the Rate Restrictions Override role.

[ECS/SSMS]  System Updates

[ECS/SSMS] System Updates

Two exciting new ECS features providing enhanced control of vendor & product settings were released this week!

Hide Product Options from Agents & Direct Customers

Accessible by editing a product on the Product Details screen, the new setting allows you to designate specific Product Options as “Hidden”.

When checked, the product option will be visible only for bookings made inside your account, and will not show to agents or direct customers.

Per-Vendor Invoice Strategies

Where previously all ECS/SSMS vendors within an account shared a single set of rules, users are are now able to define Invoice Strategies on a per-vendor basis, allowing fine-grained control of Invoice & Cancellation Policies between vendors.

To use a new strategy for an ECS/SSMS vendor, simply create a strategy via Invoicing & Cancellation Strategy, then navigate to the Policy tab in the Product Details page. Select the newly created strategy in the Override Invoicing & Cancellation Strategy section, and save.

Once a new booking comes in for this vendor, the invoice will be automatically created by the selected strategy.  When no specific strategy is selected in the Policy tab, the Default invoicing strategy will apply.


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