Hokkaido Marathon 2022 Finisher's Medal

02 Sep: Conquering the Hokkaido Marathon

A big congratulations for new team-member Alix on his successful completion of the Hokkaido Marathon last weekend. After months of dedicated training and one final day of gruelling effort, he now takes his very sore and substantially slower legs on the road to recovery. On an unrelated note, Alix has now moved to a ground-floor desk after reports of congestion in the 2F stairwell.

Hokkaido Marathon 2018

26 Aug: Welcoming New Project Manager, Alix

We’re excited to have Alix Fachin joining the team this month. Alix brings a wealth of knowledge across IT, travel and finance sectors with experience spanning Japan, North America and Europe. He is a runner of marathons and savors fine pastries. Alix will help us with operations, project management and development. Welcome Alix!

Hirafu Matsuri 2022

21 Aug: Julian on stage at Hirafu Festival 2022

We’re still not sure if we’re proud or embarrassed, but our managing director Julian was on stage as part of a rock band performing at the Niseko Hirafu Festival on August 20th. One thing we can say for sure is that it was loud!