We’re excited to welcome back Abid, Senior Developer from Kashmir, India!

A seasoned developer with a plethora of industry experience, Abid possesses an extensive understanding of both Java and the inner-workings of RoomBoss, following his time helping to build and architect our systems as a former team member.

Following his tenure with the RB team, Abid worked for a prominent multinational, playing a role in developing widely-used fintech infrastructure and further demonstrating his expertise in advancing technology solutions.
This expertise, alongside his peerless work-ethic, zen-like focus, and effortlessly friendly disposition make his recent return especially welcome.

While calm and collected in the workplace, Abid likes to channel his excess energy through Rocky-like gym montages and extreme snowboarding sessions. When he’s not shredding the mountain, he can often be found tearing up the tarmac on his favourite motorbike, and relishing everything the outdoors has to offer.

The whole team feels extremely lucky to have Abid back, and his return is a testament to the unique professional environment we foster. As both our team and ambitions continue to grow, we look forward to embarking on this journey together!