System Updates

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27 Mar: [TRUST] Journal Entry & Reporting Enhancements

This week saw the release of some exciting new features for RoomBoss Trust: Automatically Distribute Journal Entries Across Multiple Ownerships It is now possible to automatically distribute credits / debits across all the units in a Vendor, Room Type or a Pool, from a single entry in the upload. Distribution can be equal across all ownerships, or set in the system based on entitlements. Find out more about Journal Entry Uploads here. Indicate Owner Bookings On Future Booked Dates You are now able to set a colour and text to indicate which bookings are for owner booking segments in the future held dates area, allowing viewers to easily distinguish between Owner stays and standard bookings. Forecast Future Manager And Owner Revenue The new Journal Entries Report (Forecast) generates journal entries based on bookings checking out for a selected period and trust contract mappings. This feature can be used for projection…

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12 Mar: [TRUST] Book Owner Stays via Owner Statements

Owner Bookings & Availability Calendar It is now possible to allow owners to book stays in their properties via their Owner Statements. Once enabled, owners will see a calendar with available dates and be able to make bookings. Find out more about Allowing Booking via Trust Owner Statements. Display Owner Contact Email Address The Owner Contact email address managed via Edit Account Details can be included on emails when an owner makes a booking, and displayed on the Owner Statement as a contact point for owner queries.


02 Feb: Upgraded Tasks Page

The newly enhanced Tasks page is now available, featuring a brand-new UI and a whole host of upgrades & improvements to the original, including: Custom Date Range: View tasks due, completed or abandoned within a specific or open-ended period. Bulk Updates: Select multiple tasks and mark them as complete, incomplete, or abandoned in one click. Multi Filters: Filter tasks by one or more activities, vendors, and/or users. Negative Filters: Quickly discover which tasks have not been assigned to a user; or have yet to be associated with a vendor or activity. Task Downloads: Generate & download task reports based on your current search criteria. To check out the new Tasks page for yourself, log in and navigate here.

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02 Feb: System Updates

Feature Enhancements Released new versions of the Tasks & Users pages with enhanced UIs and a variety of new & improved features. Compulsory Free Text Product Options Text Input product options can now be marked as compulsory, useful for collecting required details or preferences for specific products as a booking is made. To edit product options, simply navigate to the Products & Services via the Product Details page. [PMS] Additional Details added to Housekeeping Reports Booking & Guest Segments are now visible on both Housekeeping HQ and Housekeeping Report task lists and report downloads. The Housekeeping HQ dashboard can be used to view daily housekeeping tasks & quickly update statuses when completed; while the Housekeeping Report generates a comprehensive report of housekeeping tasks for a specified period.

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30 Jan: System Updates

This week saw the release of a range of improvements across the RoomBoss ecosystem, including UX enhancements for the Rate Calendars and Rate Periods pages, and a number of quality-of-life updates to the RB Freshsales CRM integration.

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22 Jan: New System Locations Added

Selangor, Malaysia has been introduced as the latest available location for vendors, joining a variety of other regional options including Borneo; Phuket, Thailand; Bali, Indonesia, and more. Other recent locations added include Makkari (Hokkaido, Japan) and Togari Onsen (Nagano, Japan).

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22 Jan: [ECS] Guest Name Format Settings

You are now able to restrict guest names to a specific format when receiving bookings from non-accommodation booking engines. Options include Latin Only, Katakana Only, Hiragana Only, or unrestricted, giving you flexible, fine-grained control over how you receive guest details—especially when used in conjunction with the Additional First Name and Last Name guest fields. Also applicable to bookings made by Travel Agents using the new in-account UI, name formats can be set on a vendor-by-vendor basis and are configurable from the Guest Fields page.


25 Dec: System Updates

A number of new presets for vendor lists have been added to RoomBoss pages, making it quicker and easier to filter & select multiple vendors for common reporting and operational tasks. Available presets include filtering by Company-Owned/Third-Party vendors, as well as by Accommodation/Non-Accommodation services, and can be found on pages such as Booking Statistics II, Booking Creation & Cancellation, Search Bookings, and more.

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13 Dec: [PMS] New Itinerary Custom Fields added to Freshsales CRM

Following the launch of the new Itinerary page, new Freshsales integration attributes have been added to cover booking arrival and departure details, including Flight Number, Flight Times, Airport Transfer Methods, Airport Transfer Times, and more. With custom fields definable on the Setup page, users of Freshsales can now leverage even more datapoints to inform and enhance their CRM & operations workflows.

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04 Dec: System Updates

[PMS] Front Desk HQ CRM Enhancements Additional CRM information has been added to Front Desk HQ bookings, including Lead Guest Segments and Lead Guest Notes. Easily access requests, notes, and other pertinent information; while effortlessly identifying VIPs, returning guests or other predefined cohorts—all from one operational hub. Improved Custom Report Generation As part of our ongoing commitment to improving the RB user experience, Custom Reports have been updated with a smoother and more intuitive UI for managing report columns. Accessed via the Search Bookings page, it’s even easier than before to generate tailored reports that meet your specific needs—whether you need to generate one-off reports, or create saved templates for future use.