RoomBoss PMS system updates

09 Aug: [PMS] Record Adults, Children and Infants on Bookings

PMS users can now record the number of adults, children and infants on bookings made via the accommodation booking engine. Simply define the age ranges of each guest type, then set the quantities allowed for each room type. Once configured, new guests will be able to select the number of adults, children and infants staying from the applicable options, with the system automatically recording the breakdown when a booking is made.

One of the peaks of Yatsugatake

09 Aug: “YATSUGATAKE” A New Location Available in the System

Yatsugatake is located across Nagano and Yamanashi prefectures in Japan. Yatsugatake, which means “eight peaks” in Japanese, is a volcanic chain which stretches across 25 km from north to south with the peaks of 2,500m or higher above sea level. The expansive area has long fascinated Japanese tourists and alpinists as both an incredible highland hot spring resort, as well as a mountaineering and rock climbing mecca. Still a hidden gem in the international market, Yatsugatake is close to Nozawa Onsen which is popular among the international travelers, with its cold but sunny winter weather allowing the resorts to create perfectly groomed ski slopes ideal for ski lessons, and offering many attractive nearby destinations where you can delve into the history of Japan, such as Suwa Taisha Shrine.

Case Study of Flywire x AYA Niseko

07 Aug: Flywire shared the case study of AYA Niseko, our PMS + TRUST user

Flywire, an online payment system popular among the RoomBoss users, shared a case study with AYA Niseko. Aya Niseko is a luxury ski-in ski-out hotel located at the heart of Hirafu area in Niseko, and the 90% of its guests during the winter seasons are from overseas. Payments from international guests can often result in high fees for both the resort and the guests. Flywire was a perfect solution for AYA Niseko which was looking for a payment option that would reduce transaction costs while providing a simple and secure payment experience for their guests. RoomBoss is also mentioned in the article as AYA Niseko’s PMS and online booking engine provider in the article. Please visit Flywire case study HERE to learn more.

a man holding a montgolfier

14 Jun: Welcoming Our New Support Lead, Ali

While being an avid outdoor enthusiast and a passionate photographer who captures the beauty of the world through his lens, Ali also cherishes all the time he can with his baby son. Since he joined RoomBoss last month, we’ve been thrilled to have such a multi-talented and caring individual on the team. Ali brings a logical-mind and caring nature, helping us to provide top-notch support to each and every one of our users. Welcome aboard, Ali!

A man on the mountain

14 Feb: Welcoming Our Newest Frontend Engineer, Jack

With an artistic eye and a passion for creating captivating user experiences, Jack is all set to take our systems to the next level with visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces. From turning lines of code into frontend masterpieces, to his passion for snowsports, to his rhythm (he has an incredible singing voice!), this multi-talented individual has become a true gem in our team. Welcome to RoomBoss, Jack!

Mt Yotei on the New Year's Day 2023

03 Jan: Hello 2023

Happy New Year! In 2023 we are looking forward to releasing a variety of new features based on your feedback. Thank you for using RB and we wish you all the best in the new year!

A snowboarder in Hokkaido.

10 Dec: Ski Resorts in Hokkaido are Open for 2022-23 Winter Season

Now most of the ski resorts in Hokkaido are open for the 2022-23 winter season! This is the first winter season after the Japan’s borders have opened again to the international guests. We are proud to be providing systems to Niseko, Rusutsu, Kiroro, Moiwa, Teine resorts and a myriad of independent resort businesses across the prefecture.

RB CAR released

01 Nov: New System “RB CAR”

We are happy to have released a new system “RB CAR” on November 1st! RB CAR was developed as part of a DX (Digital Transformation) project sponsored by the Hokkaido Transport Bureau. The project aims to increase efficiency when rental cars are transported by carrier trucks to the starting point required by customers. As well as digitizing the order process, RB CAR can help maximize the number of cars transported by each carrier truck. We are proud to be working with the Hokkaido Transport Bureau and supporting the 18 rental car companies and 9 transportation companies who are participating in this exciting initiative. 

A woman having fun in snow

22 Sep: Okaerinasai – Japan Opens Its Borders!

Japan announces borders to return to normal from October 11. Travellers will once again be able to enter Japan without the need for a special visa, PCR tests or to be part of a tour. Long awaited and welcome news for the travel industry as a whole, and the 320 Japanese-tourism businesses that we support.

Sapporo in summer

09 Sep: Meeting with MLIT and Car Transportation Companies

RoomBoss team members met with MLIT and representatives from 6 car transportation companies at MLIT’s Sapporo office. It was great to receive additional feedback from the transportation companies, to help shape the upcoming system RB is developing to assist them and rental car companies work together more efficiently.