22 Sep: Okaerinasai – Japan Opens Its Borders!

Japan announces borders to return to normal from October 11. Travellers will once again be able to enter Japan without the need for a special visa, PCR tests or to be part of a tour. Long awaited and welcome news for the travel industry as a whole, and the 320 Japanese-tourism businesses that we support.


09 Sep: Meeting with MLIT and Car Transportation Companies

RoomBoss team members met with MLIT and representatives from 6 car transportation companies at MLIT’s Sapporo office. It was great to receive additional feedback from the transportation companies, to help shape the upcoming system RB is developing to assist them and rental car companies work together more efficiently.


26 Jul: RoomBoss Selected for MLIT’s Grant Project to Improve the Efficiency of Car Transportation

An exciting new project; RoomBoss will be developing a system for Hokkaido District Transport Bureau’s Rental Car Transportation DX project. With the goals of improving the efficiency and the average loading-rate of carrier cars and reducing vehicle transportation costs, our new system will help to increase the number of rental car users at each regional airport and create more opportunities for the travellers to visit wider areas of Hokkaido. This initial phase will start from November 2022 through March 2023. Hokkaido District Transport Bureau press release: