Exciting information about Niseko Cycling Events in 2023!

We are proud to say that Roomboss provides a booking engine for these 2 thrilling cycling events, and we are honoured to be a sponsor for these events in Niseko.

Niseko Classic 2023 has 4 types of races: 150km Road Race, 85km Road Race, Time Trial Race, and Niseko Yotei Fun Ride. The 150km and 85km races are official UCI Gran Fondo World Series qualifire events, and are supervised by the Japan Cycling Federation. Your road to Glasgow/GBR, the host cities of the 2023 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships begins in Niseko!

Dates: June 16th – 18th, 2023
Entry Due: May 18th 18:00, 2023

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Niseko Gravel is a gravel fun ride featuring a combination of paved and unpaved roads with 3 different leveled courses. Brief explanation of 3 courses are: 115km long course with about 2,200m elevation gain and about 49% gravel, 63km middle course with about 1,200m elevation gain and about 43% gravel, and 41km short course with about 780m of elevation gain and about 22% gravel.

Dates: September 23rd – 24th, 2023
Entry: June 26th – August 25th, 2023

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